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 The multidisciplinary nature of our team allows us to combine experience and knowledge in the Real Estate, accounting and legal fields.

Let's review the main stages to invest in Miami:



Preparation: Creation of LLC and Tax Rut.

Investing in Miami is not complicated, but it is an unknown process.
  The first step is to create and register a company, "LLC" in Florida, Create Tax Rut "EIN", and Corporate Agreement. All these documents are necessary before looking for a property.
  A limited liability company (LLC) is a business structure that offers the benefit of limited liability protection and flexible tax options.
  It is recommended to open a commercial bank account, but is not required since the money can be transferred directly from any country.



Property Purchase

  Once you find a place you're willing to invest in, the offer is made, security deposit  is posted, and the buying process begins.
  Another thing to consider is the pre-approval process through a bank or lender.



Property Search.

The first step to undertake the purchase process is to have a Real Estate agent, preferably licensed in Florida with several years of experience, expert in the residential and/or commercial areas that you are looking for.
  Unlike several countries, Real Estate agents in Miami have a database system of properties for sale or for rent called the MLS (multiple listing service) where they collaborate with each other and compensate each other creating a database with thousands of properties for sale or rent within the US
  Your Real Estate agent should give you a list of properties based on your purchase needs, which should include various areas and various types of properties.


Property Management

In case of Rent, we can manage your property. And if you have several properties and you cannot be aware of all of them, we will take care of them with the utmost dedication.
  The origins of Mandala House have been as Property Management, working with international clients who are not present, they delegate the administration management to us.
Your investment will grow without you having to deal with any paperwork.



Mandala House has Q-Kapital as a Strategic Partner, Leader and specialist in financing National Credits for Foreigners.

If you are not a US citizen, no problem! Q-Kapital works with Investors of all types and sizes, from all over the world, advising on programs from mortgage loans to general residential/commercial financing, helping thousands find financing for their properties.

In Commercial Loans, Q-Kapital offers Construction Loans, Purchase and Land Development Loans, and Building Construction Loans.

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